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Friday, July 17, 2009

Things you should know. No 1.

Did you know you cannot have a cold shower in Winton. the water comes out of a bore at 88 degrees, is cooled to only 42 before it enters the towns pipes. A Tadano crane weighs 44 tonnes and has a top speed of 90kph, has a fuel range of 600kms, can lift 50 tonnes and has a reach of 54 metres. Cost $750,000. Qantas had their first board meeting at Winton. The Ulysses Adventure Riding Group has 300 at their 2007 meeting at Winton. A ship enters or leaves Singapore Harbour every 4 minutes 24/7. They have about 140,000 movements a year.

So far:
Distance travelled: 5043km
Moving average: 88.7km/hr
Time underway: 58.38hrs
Top speed: 160kph (sorry Paul)
Highest temperature: 45C or 113F
Most expensive fuel: 196.7 cents at Renner Springs
Present position: 1degree 18.556'N
103degrees 51.201'E
Hangovers: Nil
Masala Dosa's eaten: 6

I had a great days ride with George (of the desert) We rode in to 'Caravan Ubeautis' as Lawrie 'Dobber Duff' and John finished work. For a change everyone was sober. With style and flair I went to flick up the chin piece of my three day old $890 BMW helmet. Fcuk me, the bloody thing was stuck! The locking mechanism was jamed!The boys pissed themselves laughing, dropped tools, eventually, and came to help George try and get the thing off my head. They pulled and twisted so much my scone nearly parted company with my shoulders. The next day I felt as if I had gone 15 rounds with Anthony Mundine. They threatened to parade me around Iluka on New Years Eve . John came out with an angle grinder and an extension lead. I told him to fcuk off. Margaret suggested they squirt lube oil up into the helmet to help it slide over my melon. If she wasn't such a nice girl I would have told her to fcuk off as well. Charlie arrived and suggested they tie my feet to a tree and a rope from my helmet to Lawrie 'Dobber Duff's' Peterbuilt truck and pull. I told him to fcuk off as well. In fact I told them all to fcuk off many times. They stuck screw drivers into the helmet, I was scared one would go through my jugular or into my ear. The noise inside the helmet was terrifying! I was beginning to think the angle grinder, maybe, was the way to go. Eventually George decided to pry off little cover plates on either side of the helmet, this enabled them to undo 2 screws, they attacked the chin bar with some snips of doubtful heritage, giving them room to take out another couple of screws. After 2 fcuking hours I was free. Yes 2 fcuking hours!! Also my new helmet was rooted, completely. Who was the girl who persuaded me to buy this style of helmet?

Take care,
ps. Morgan & Wacker on the Gold Coast gave me a new helmet. Thank Christ.
BMW Australia still have not replaced my faulty boots.

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